noticing God in nature

6 thoughts on “noticing God in nature”

  1. Liz, I, too, have struggled with the discipline of daily quiet time with God. I really can’t even say “struggle” because the handful of times I sit with a Bible and/or purposefully set aside time to contemplate, it was OK but not as meaningful as I hoped. I chalked it up as being a “lesser devotee” of God. I thought my practices of conversing with God throughout the day was a sign of a lesser disciple because so many of my friends in faith talk with passion about their set-aside devotion time. I thought this was what a good Christian was supposed to do, and I just didn’t cut it.

    I so relate to worshipping God through nature. I’m at the beach this week, and I always marvel at the beauty, intricacy and power of the ocean and all that lies within, above and beside. The same for all aspects of nature. I can remember sitting through my college human genetics class and daily marveling at how amazing and crazy smart God is! I know that this science geek chose the field not because I was so good at it (much better grades in English & history!), but because of the joy and marvel of God’s hand through everything I learned.


    1. Lore, thanks so much for sharing. It’s so good to know I’m not alone in this, and I’m glad that you are spending time worshipping at the beach this week – I can’t wait to hear about your trip! I am also really blown away by science and nature…I was reading a book by Annie Dillard the other day and in it she was sharing her contemplative practices as she was out in nature observing the lifecycles and daily adventures of the creatures around her. It is just incredible how intricately God put the world together. I love that you chose a direction of study that wasn’t the easiest for you but that drew you to loving God more deeply. That’s beautiful.


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