little specs of light

2 thoughts on “little specs of light”

  1. When I find Advent tense and troubling and heavy, I think about Mary’s physical strains and profound discomfort in her final weeks before giving birth. I sometimes find myself wishing I could sit in Mary’s tent with her, both of us with our burdens, and find solace in the other’s nearness. I like to meditate on that image while reading Scripture during Advent—me beside Mary, who is extremely pregnant, both of us waiting for Christmas to come. Sometimes I picture it as sunrise. Sometimes as a fire glowing warm in front of us. Sometimes like falling asleep at the end of an extremely long day. A friend of mine is in her final weeks of carrying her first child, so it’s easier than usual to imagine Mary’s fears, pain, pressure, stress, and hopes.

    What’s saving my life this week: my blue sparkly shoes, crocheting on my lunch break, hearing about a friend’s writing project, kitten pics from my husband, candles.


    1. Katie, thanks so much for sharing how you reflect during Advent. I’m finding myself drawn to Mary and Elizabeth’s time together earlier in Mary’s pregnancy. My friend recently had a baby and I spent a lot of time with her in her final weeks of pregnancy…you’ve inspired me to chat with her about that experience and reflect on that season as we move into Advent. I love your list of things saving your life, too! I’ve been wanting to learn to knit or crochet forever…maybe I’ll dive into that and see what sort of life it brings!


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