Slow Steps: Leaning into a Posture of Pilgrimage

2 thoughts on “Slow Steps: Leaning into a Posture of Pilgrimage”

  1. Yes,we are Pilgrims, striving to be the image and likeness of God; in our thoughts & words & deeds. Anyway, this is what I was taught. The saints were human examples of efforts that were studied as inspirations. We all fall short, and everyone’s spiritual journey is different. You are a wonderful Pilgrim, and my dear dear loving Grandaughter.

    Love, always & forever, Mimi xoxoxo

    On Tue, Jun 25, 2019 at 2:12 PM lamplight stories wrote:

    > lamplightstories posted: “I’ve been home from Italy for a week now, and > I’m slowly finding the words to share what it was like to meet a group of > pilgrims and journey with them. In the wake of such a formative experience, > I’m finding that slow is how I want to go. I want to slow ” >


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