When You Hear the Birds

2 thoughts on “When You Hear the Birds”

  1. Everything! Yes, I mean everything! Somehow I retained my love and gratitude from my earliest memories. Even when a good outcome develops, one anticipated or one presented unexpectedly, I smile and often kneel. We are blessed as humans to grow and appreciate life. I love you. Mimi xoxooxox


  2. Hi. Yes everything reminds me. Ever since my earliest memories, I am grateful for my life. In fact, one of my Mother’s many comments was that the birds of the air are taken care of and happy, so we will be as well .

    I love you, my dear Elizabeth. Love, always & forever, Mimi xoxxoox

    On Tue, Oct 15, 2019 at 8:10 AM lamplight stories wrote:

    > lamplightstories posted: “I’m outside working from our balcony today. > Like last week, the breeze is cool and fall feels here for real. When I > was in Italy this summer one of my fellow pilgrims shared a blessing they > received in Canterbury at the outset ” >

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