What I Learned from a Decade of Travel

2 thoughts on “What I Learned from a Decade of Travel”

  1. I never traveled far but we moved often and I found i those places were so different that the various areas of our single country seemed to have the distinct differences that a foreign country might have, their cultures were so distinct. And my joy in those moves was creating a home in 27 houses that provided comfort and happiness for a family to grow and friends to gather. That gave meaning to the act of always pulling up stakes and moving on.


    1. 27 houses, wow! I love that it was a joy for you to create a home for your family and friends to gather. What a beautiful way to find meaning in the midst of many moves. As I’m drawn to staying closer to home in this next season, I am excited to dig deeper into this area and continue to cultivate a home. Thanks for sharing your experiences, you’ve inspired me to keep creating and opening our home to others!


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