My Husband Thinks I’m A Gerbil

3 thoughts on “My Husband Thinks I’m A Gerbil”

  1. Fantastic book. I read it years ago before I was fully able to grasp the concepts, but was fascinated by it. For years we talked about simplifying and down-sizing but never had a compelling reason to do so. Moving to Hong Kong absolutely necessitated getting rid of lots of “stuff” and literally learning to live simply (because there ‘simply’ is not enough space!). Letting go of “stuff” was amazingly liberating and living rather minimally is very freeing. Our focus has shifted from possessions to experiences and our family is all the better for it.


    1. Wasn’t it good? It’s a book I will definitely return to over the years. I’m so glad to hear living more simply has been so liberating for y’all, especially as you live in Hong Kong and are taking the opportunity to really dig into so many cool experiences as a family. It’s a posture I’m leaning into more and more–thanks for sharing how freeing it’s been for y’all!


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